Tater the Chihuahua attacks her brother wrangler the retreivers butt while playing.
my dog marley the killer. Ha
Vicious Corgi Puppies Attack Innocent Girl 😱 Watch these cute potatoes attack a harmless girl. Too cute! Thanks For Watching ! Please Like, Share & Comment If You Like This Video ! Follow us : [More]
Princess the husky and stitch the Pom were having a blast playing on me and my then fiancΓ©’s bed, they were all cuddles and kisses. Excuse the handsome guy in boxers lol Uuuuu
It was so cute he kept following the cam with his little paws πŸ™‚
Grandma’s vicious little dog is very territorial, keep those fingers back kids!
My son is relentless in his attack on my pit bull. Baby boy obviously has no regard for my Pitties’ personal space. I mean the baby is viscious, attacking the mouth, eyes, and ears of [More]
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Hero Cat Saves Boy from Vicious Dog Attack! Our new pet of the month for Digitpet.com is a local hero cat from Bakersfield CA that goes by the name Tara. Tara was captured on video [More]

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