mint as Trick from a dog.
This is by far one of the coolest Dog Trick Videos on YouTube – When Intelligent Dogs Learn Incredible Tricks โ€“ Dog Learns Tricks – Dogs are Clever – Dogs at school – Amazing Dogs [More]
I’ve seen even the most positive trainer, resort to pushing and shoving their dog into a position to get a picture of their dog when they were stressed, say after a competition or trial. I [More]
The owners disappear with magic trick in front of the dog. This dog is in complete shock as it watches the owner disappeared by magic trick with a blanket. I challenge anyone watching this video [More]
This is a try not to laugh challenge with poor dog. There are no funny videos here. Don’t even try not to laugh because there’s no reason to. Hope you like our compilation and don’t [More]
In this video I am demonstrating a variety of ways to proof “test” to see if my dogs know the behavior/trick that I call “on your side”. However, this is the trick that many know [More]
Specs performs tricks for her Ninja Dog Trick Title
A stupid dog trick and his stupid owner
Cats React To Magic Trick With Blanket #whatthefluffchallenge Gatos Reaccionan Truco De Magia Con Manta ๐Ÿฆ„ Subscribe Here: ๐ŸŽƒ Get the new LED Purge Mask for Halloween!! 10% Off Promo Code: ANIMAL10 ๐Ÿ’ฅ [More]
Train your dog to do a cute trick by putting their paw over their nose. We call this trick “Selfie.” For more information on this subject, visit our blog at: Other fun Tricks [More]
Nellie’s application for the Champion Trick Dog title through the Do More With Your Dog program.
Welcome to Pepe Frog Channel! With the most interesting, funniest videos from short film of cats captured by camera Like and Share these videos for your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel! [More]
One minute tutorial teaching you to train your dog for super awesome selfies. Turn your dog into the ultimate instadog. If you ever thought of becoming a dog trainer or behaviourist follow the link [More]
Dog doesn’t eat food from the dog catcher
Act Ashamed (Shame) Dog Trick shown by Brandy
Teaching your dog to put their head down is a really cool trick to teach your dog. It’s a great relationship builder, and it is done using entirely positive training methods! This trick teaches your [More]
โ–ฎVideo: Funniest Doggy Halloween Compilation – Dogs Go Trick or Treat โ–ฎUrl video: โ–ฎLink website : Thanks for watching and supporting our channel, wait to see more new videos everyday on Dogs Funny. [More]
Just a quick clip of of a cute double dog trick! Tutorial coming soon on how to teach your dogs to line up next to you or other dogs for photos and video. Here is a cute trick with a dog pushing things with his nose. He may try to pick it up at first, but I just hold onto it then. He already knows the ‘fetch’ [More]
My rescued pitbull marcus showing off one of his tricks.

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