My dog is Stupid!!! This is funny. Watch It!!! Recomended in Full Screen I recorded this with my Ipod that is y it is like that. Me and my brother trying not to crack up [More]
Stupid dog, the ball is right there. Just pick it up, jerk.
PLEASE READ ME, VIEWERS. hello. i am so very happy indeed that you have taken time out of your busy and important lives to watch a video about my dog. but you see, there is [More]
You know that new pair of shoes … well you can say “chew bye” to them … just open the door and let me in
In this funny videos episode you will see smart cats vs stupid cats. Well there is no stupid cats it’s just some of them doing a little bit stupid things in every day life. Enjoy! [More]
Perro se tira por la ventana en auto en movimiento xD barrel ROLL !
Mulan is my pug. I call her Mumu I bet she thought I was being the most annoying person in the world. The other dogs were my mom’s bulldog Wheezie and our french bulldog Lucy [More]
my cat fighting with his own reflection at the oven’s mirror door
lol this is still on youtube
We love animal, special dog. So this video give us cute moments about stupid actions of dogs
stupid dog. no audio. recorded from russian funniest home videos.
What do all these dogs, cats, turtles and other animals and pets have in common? They all can perform the most hilarious and cutest tricks ever! AFV captures every moment, clip, blooper outtake and moment [More]
Stupid videos dog feels guilty sometimes stupid dog behavior makes us laugh with funny behavior but our pet dog is stupid videos dog feels guilty hopefully you entertained with video stupid videos dog feels guilty [More]
PS: This isn’t my dog.
UPDATE: March 20, 2012 Hey, this Dumb Dog Trick got some interest from our friends in the United Kingdom for a show called “Talk Back” that is produced at Freemantle Media. Totally cool, huh? Linkage: [More]
don’t call me stupid ! music Plucky Daisy by Kevin MacLeod
Welcome to Funny Videos Compilation Channel! Like and Share these videos for your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel! Pleas subscribe my channel, t88yA Please visit my FACEBOOK PAGE. id=100010419992822 [More]
molly (bloodhound and Boo (dalmation) are watching me throw snowballs, the door is closed, yet they still go to catch.
A fat stupid cat with a dog toy
A funny video compilation of silly and stupid animals.
This is my Collie “Woody” , he loves water, ( no animals were harmed in the making of this video!!)
My pet bloodhound discovers a mysterious malignant force in the mirror.

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