It’s not that only Humans hate greenery. Dogs hate it too. Watch the video to know what i am talking about.
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
this video talk about The 5 most stupid dog breeds
This is a friends chihuahua (not sure how you spell it) howling at a police siren on tv. I figure it is trying to imitate it. So funny.
A kutyám új szórakozása, hogy a fejére húz egy párnát 🙂 Nem először csinálja… My dogs new trick.
A stupid dog trick and his stupid owner
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It’s a EPIC fight !! FACEBOOK :
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Thanks for watching and i hope you to like my video
My dog, Jojo tries to annoy me.
my dog barking at his reflection in the refrigerator
Dog gets scared from fake cannon at war reenactment.
The most stupid bark on a dog ever
fat cat and stupid dog fight
5 SEC – Dramatic Stupid Animal funny super VINES – best try to not laugh TOP video on YouTube
Whilst working on a DIY project, I realised how much my sister’s dog loves me. She has a very tight grip!
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Pug’s are so smart!

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