Dogs welcome soldiers home after long separation. Soldiers and dogs are reunited after being away for a long time in this dogs welcoming soldiers home compilation. DO YOU HAVE AN INTERESTING ANIMAL VIDEO? We would [More]
Response to Dogs Welcoming Home Soldiers Featuring “United States of Whatever” by Liam Lynch There are a lot of hypersensitive and stupid people who feel the need to send abrasive comments regarding this video. DAILY. [More]
If you were touched by this PACT reunion, please support the PACT mission. You can donate to help more stories like this one happen all year long! Donate here: Herbie and Petunia are both [More]
I surprised my two miniature schnauzers after coming home from my 12 month deployment in northern Afghanistan. Tucker (grey) is 4 years old and Abby (black) is 1-1/2 years old. Filmed by my wife Jennifer. [More]
Dog welcoming home her owner after an extensive rough & long period of time while he was away.
U.S. soldier gets great greeting from his beagles.
I shot and edited this story for Pet Pals TV. Dogs greet returning soldiers at Camp Atteberry in Indiana.
Animal Love is the purest, Watch how happy these pups about meeting their owners after a long time.. Subscribe for more videos ^_^ If you are the owner of one of these clips please contact [More]
Featured on, this soldier get’s a super warm welcome after being gone for about 8 months. Nothing like being away and knowing that you have an extremely loyal pet waiting for your return.
Soldiers coming home to their lovable pups! Man’s best friend! Subscribe for more videos ^_^ .If you are the owner of one of these clips please contact me to get credit or your part removed. [More]
As solider arrives home, he is greeted by the love, warmth and closeness of his dog who is his family. This is so heart touching and warm to see such love and sincerity between them. [More]
dogs names: Damian (brown/white), Chaeli, pronounced ‘kay-lee’ (white) Damian was very happy to see his favorite person!! We adopted Damian and Chaeli January 6 and February 12 of this year, respectively.
Cotton and his daddy several years ago had a video of him being welcomed home from Drill weekend. Cottons adopted sister Ella is welcoming daddy home too! Cotton debuts at the end! Follow their facebook [More]
Two Big Dogs Welcome their Soldier Dad Home ! For more videos : ► ma page : ► Twitter : Partagez, cliquez sur j’aime, abonnez-vous à ma chaîne, aimez votre prochain ! Share, [More]
Dog Welcomes Home Soldier Mom. This dog is so excited for the sweet reunion. And the brave soldier mom loves to pet the loveable pup. Too cute! 😍 Thanks For Watching ! Please Like, Share [More]
My dog Molly has been waiting by the door for 6 months.
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I was gone for 3 months at Basic Combat Training & AIT. I was able to come home for a short time during Christmas. This was my elderly dog’s reaction ♥ IG: Twitter: [More]
This soldier is welcomed home by his excited cat who impatiently waits by the door. As soon as the soldier walks through the door, the cat leaps into his arms! Welcome home, soldier! Original Link: [More]
While serving in Afghanistan, U.S. military combat dog Layka was shot four times by the enemy at point-blank range. Despite her injuries, she still attacked and subdued the shooter, saving her handler and the other [More]
We hear many stories about dogs’ reactions to owners coming home after long or short periods. We have witnessed many adorable and joyous reactions. Dogs are very loyal, they can’t resist the distance between them [More]
Cute dog videos Very excited dog welcomes home soldier. Soldier: Hey Dog I’m home! Dog: MASTER!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG MASTER IS HOME OMG OMG OMG OMG…Don’t ever leave me again! Please SHARE this [More]

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