Watch this genius dog get his ball from the pool without getting wet. Isn’t he a smart dog? 👏👏👏 Video by: Eli Ralston Love animals? Watch more videos from The Dodo: Subscribe to The [More]
We all have pets that are really smart. Watch these dogs, they are awsome, they can can do anything, just like their owners . Rate, Share,Comment & Enjoy The Video!
Aiko, our Akita stud dog learned this trick as a puppy, to keep the water from getting all over his face he has mastered the art of hydro-control. This video is the first time he [More]
FUNNY ANIMALS ★ The smartest dogs on the internet in one video. SMART DOGS COMPILATION! Subscribe: | Facebook: Submit your video: Business inquiries/contact: Please Like, Comment & Share! FUNNY PETS See [More]
Check out some of the cutest animals ever in this animal videos dogs doing tricks. Dogs doing Tricks videos of animals are the best. It’s An Animal Thing is a channel with funny animals and [More]
Get the official 231 page BrightDog Academy Ebook Here: Some people say that you are crazy if you talk to your dog and that dogs can’t understand what you are saying. Wrong! Dogs are [More]
I use clicker training with Rose the Blue Heeler to teach her more than a dozen different objects. She gathers a few by name and puts them in a box. This is a game we [More]
Nobody on the beach can believe how talented this dog is! Video by: Maggie McCarthy Love animals? Watch more videos from The Dodo: Subscribe to The Dodo channel: Follow The Dodo! Like us [More]
Here’s a video of me testing out a new camera while I tell my dog to do trick. my dog does several different tricks in this video. My dog can sit, stand up, lay down, [More]
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This dog is the definition of a GOOD BOY. Video by: Keren Aronoff Masser You can follow Ziggy Trixx, the skateboarding pit bull on Facebook: You can also help him find forever homes for [More]
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Hunter knows the difference between speaking and whispering.
Funny And Smart Animals Compilation 2017 Funny Animal Video Compilation Youtube. This compilation is here to make your day and cheer you up. I’m sure you will laugh watching this funny animal clips. Hope you [More]
This is a video of my dog Theo cracking open a pistachio. He loves them. I have never seen a dog take the time to crack open a nut. Theo is a smart dog.
Pets are so funny |Try Not To Laugh compilation | Funny Animals videos Compilation |
Twit to us with hashtags: #Cute cats #smart cats #cats #dogs #animals #dogs #funnyberry Click here to SUBSCRIBE for more: Funny Berry Animals of August 2015 (weelky episode 31) Funny animals || Cute cats [More]
A video of training my dog to pick up various things. The second part is trying to see if she can understand two actions on the same squeaky toy. This is the first time I [More]
View our Smart Dog Facts video and find out everything you need to know in one Smart Dog Facts video. A single video crammed full of facts on this dog breed. Smart Dog Facts – [More]
Funny dogs Funny dog videos Smart dogs 2015 Dogs are dogs funny intelligent chatter, be pampered. They are often very mischievous and naughty joke by the dog. Funny dogs bring comfort to the owners close [More]
smart dog gets a ball ot of a pool with out jumping in the water note all my videos will not allow inappropriate comments (ALL MY VIDEOS)
A smart dog cover himself with a blanket because he’s cold.

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