Nellie’s application for the Champion Trick Dog title through the Do More With Your Dog program.
Featuring Muse the Borzoi. This is the required video submission needed from Do More With Your Dog for the TDCH title
Submitted to Do More With Your Dog!
Around the Dog World visits one of the toughest competitions on the canine calendar for the third time. 25 of the country’s best dogs, who have qualified throughout the year all travel to the Chesford [More]
Our video submission for the title of “Trick Dog Champion” from Do More with Your Dog. This is Kyra Sundance’s organization that issues trick titles based on witness testimony and video proof of trick performance [More]
its name Thor, Her father and granpa are champion but we grow up it with humanistic style
Wendy Bemis, a professional dog trainer trained her dog Fleetwood, a Beauceron to the level of Trick Dog Champion following the program of Kyra Sundance’s program. Movie filmed and edited by Michael Burkey of [More]
FUNanimal Pet Services is proud to formally introduce Beasley’s Fancy Chief “CLANCY” as the first titled Trick Dog Champion Keeshond! This is his Champion Trick Dog Application video (so pardon the length and how some [More]

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