Please watch: “REVIEW + GIVEAWAY! (10 WINNERS) NEXTGADGET WIRELESS EARBUDS!” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Today I convinced my sister to try some Canadian snacks with me! Will they be good, will they be gross? Watch to find [More]
Our friends boisterous cocker spaniel I believe having fun in the garden before realising he was being filmed…..then attacking the camera man……ME!!!
rescued Doberman escapes from adoption man and attacks camera man attack in slow mo
This is my funny dog Buddy attacking my camera a few times. Everytime I pull the camera out he becomes obsessed with it.
Jack Russell dog bites video camera. She was not happy being filmed.
Willy gone crazy (little dog)
Ben Miljure reports on a woman who is upset with the response from Animal Services after she says a dog attacked her in a back alley. While in the alley, the CTV reporter and camera [More]
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Funny dog gets caught eating toilet Paper and attacks camera

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