This has never happened before, before the video clip really gets going the dog walks over to the place board, gets on it, then pees on it. I don’t even know what to say! The Sit Means Sit Dog Training System can be utilized with Any Dog, Any Age and Any Problem, proving to be one of the Most Effective Dog Training Systems in the World! Within minutes [More]
Bella at the dog park
Een dagje uit naar Schier-Monnikoog, we hebben genoten en Vita ook.
I knew the ramp needed some improvement for the ice
Shooting an “in house commercial” for Circus Circus Pizza @ Smokin’ Gecko’s restaurant had as as many funny outtakes as the commercial itself.
schutzhund training
Music: Kelly Clarkson – My Life Would Stuck Without You Kora and Fifi
סומבול האהבל מתרסק על המצלמה.
Cassi the Tibetan Spaniel (21 months old, 11 lbs) learns to fly on our zip line. She is wearing a harness around her chest, so this does not hurt her. In this video, she does [More]
Our dog likes to play chicken with sledders and has always been smart enough not to get hit…until now. Watch this short dog blooper. Our bichon frise is hit twice by sledders and walks away [More]
Jaime from How to Run A Kids Party tries to make a balloon dog but Spencer the dog has other ideas…
My humans are always filming us wherever we go and what do ya know, they caught a funny blooper of me on tape. Woof! I went on my very first nature outing over the weekend [More]
ABC Los Angeles newsman bitten by dog for adoption
Check out this short video showing some of the outtakes from when we filmed the GoDogGo gadget. Original/full video is here

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