To help get you into the Halloween spirit, Funny Pet Videos presents a brand new weekly theme compilation featuring the funniest cats and dogs bloopers, clips, reactions and moments. Send us a link to your [More]
Due to an unfortunate circumstance, Presley will not be able to make his prediction this week. In lieu of his pick, we decided to share some of Presley’s best moments this season. We are rooting [More]
Good with dogs, not so good with technology.
My malinois sheperd dog found a long stick and hit my leg.
It doesn’t always go perfect on the competitive dog training trial field, as Lianne Hassen and ‘Tank’ find out during this retrieve over a jump exercise at an AKC trial. The duo still finished second. [More]
BAT DOG BLOOPER……. “Finn” gets all the bats and even brings the umpires water during the Las Vegas 51’s games and has become quite the celebrity at the ballpark. However, over the course of the [More]
Around the Dog World visits one of the toughest competitions on the canine calendar for the third time. 25 of the country’s best dogs, who have qualified throughout the year all travel to the Chesford [More]
Funny animals videos – funny animals compilation funny videos of funny animals 2015 funny animals videos – try not to laugh challenge – funny animals videos compilation | best pets, cats and dogs vines. animals [More]
Dog gets thrown in the water, very funny blooper
All great training with animals includes blooper moments! Ottawa Valley SAR Dogs did joint training with Georgian Bay Volunteer SAR, to help get them started in the K9 water search training specialty. These are the [More]
Kitten sale video blooper. (Believe me, we have a lot of em!) Dog training service, Bobs Pet Stop. My grand child is making fun of me while trying to make my first youtube video when she could barely talk yet To Cute!!
Rember the vid my dog Gordey well we were trying too make the vid and then my dad walked in and threw a shoe at me and the my mom came in and the Gordey [More]
My dog Blooper puts on a dance every morning when I give him is morning treat This has never happened before, before the video clip really gets going the dog walks over to the place board, gets on it, then pees on it. I don’t even know what to say! The Sit Means Sit Dog Training System can be utilized with Any Dog, Any Age and Any Problem, proving to be one of the Most Effective Dog Training Systems in the World! Within minutes [More]
Bella at the dog park
Een dagje uit naar Schier-Monnikoog, we hebben genoten en Vita ook.

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