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For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom Bear Bear hasn’t gotten the hang of crawling so Buddy decided to show her how it’s done.
The best beagle videos: Our dog Charlie learned new trick and now he can take out toys from the basket and give to our daughter Laura Olivia, because she is too small to reach them [More]
The best beagle videos: I don’t know where they going but certainly they did not make it in time with that packing:DDD SUBSCRIBE for more: ▼Charlie Instagram: ▼Charlie Facebook:
The best beagle videos: I have no mercy for my small human….She has to learn ,,Tug-of -war” is a serious game for a dogs:D:D:D! You can’t be bored when you raising dog and baby together:) [More]
The best beagle videos: In this video dog teaching baby how to love. The bond between Laura and Charlie is growing every day SUBSCRIBE for more: ▼Charlie Instagram: ▼Charlie Facebook:
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Please watch: “Puppy’s Struggle To Get On The Couch Has Small Human Tot Giggling” → -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Today Laura preparing Charlie his favorite dog food, cooked chicken with beef meaty balls:) SUBSCRIBE for more: ▼Charlie [More]
This video was made in part to discourage friends from asking me to baby-sit. More of me:
**This is the original video without background music** BB (15 months old) loves to talk so much, he even talked to our dog Coco (a chow)… We guessed he was trying to ask Coco to [More]
When this dog sees a shadow, he decides to take the opportunity to teach the baby to jump on it and attack the scary shadow! Original Link: SUBSCRIBE to us! WHAT TO WATCH [More]
Mans best friend: The love between these two is priceless
Dog and Baby learning how to do the laundry with one surprise, a Magic washing machine! I think they really believe in it:D Subscribe Charlie ►► ▼Charlie Instagram: ▼Charlie Facebook: ▼ Charlie Twitter: Watch most [More]
Newborn babies are one of the most common reasons why loved dogs are ending up in the shelters, but babies and dogs can be the best friends,just we have to show them how. It’s never [More]
Baby Loves Siberian Husky Dog! Madison just wants to hug and kiss Husky. I lover their interaction. Subscribe :)) See all their videos here:
Dog Says Mama and Baby Can’t – ORIGINAL Home Video of us trying to teach our son to say “Mama” and our trained Australian Shepard Dog stealing the show (but not the food) with his [More] Check us out for more cute and funny dog videos. This adorable baby meet the family dog for the first time. They touch paw to hand. This is a very cute dog video that [More]
Watch as adorable Baby points Dog in the direction of the hoover. Using his paws, Charlie presses the right button and turns the hoover on. Subscribe Charlie ►► ▼Charlie Instagram: ▼Charlie Facebook: ▼ Charlie Twitter: [More]
Some answers to common questions I’ve seen. Callie(the puppy) is a mutt that was tied to our fence in 2012. It is guessed that she is a pitt/catahoula mix. She is the sweetest dog we [More]
Charlie the beagle and Laura the baby have a lot in common: They’re both SO FRIGGIN’ CUTE, for one. They also both like toys. Actually, they both like the same toys. Which is occasionally a [More]
4 Baby Owls being very cute | Angry baby owl | Baby owl enjoys being petted | Baby owl loves getting tickled | Baby owl singing Cute Baby Owl | Baby owl watching Ellen | [More]

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