Elsa gets a sponge, a pot of vaseline and a letter placed on her, and doesn’t know how to remove it.
Twister, our Bull Mastiff/Boxer Mix, barking at the water from a squirt bottle.
This ignorant puppy found an old kid’s lamp shaped like Sponge Bob out in the yard and decided it must’ve done something to him in a past life because he read it for filth.
Our large jack russell terrier couldn’t get out from under a laundry basket. He’s bigger than the basket lol
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Dog funny fail – Best moment dogs do stupid but cute things – puppy best friend
My Dog Wearing My Hoodie So He Cant See Or Walk Properly
My dog hates squeakers, so we decided to confuse it by making our phones squeak.
This is a dog that likes Ice Cubes. there his treats.
Stupid dog won’t give me the toy after fetching it…..
My dog is the best, but sometimes she forgets to think things through.
Crazy dog running in circles when he hears a horn being blown

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