Watch as my dog Fez relentlessly attacks my face.
My dog eats shadows. You should see what happens when I wind her up with a laser pen.
watch this stupid dog go down the slide
Dog flipping out over a rock – My friend’s dog Alira (aka Boo Rah) has some very unusual behaviours. The one explored in this video is when she finds a rock or log that is [More]
KILLERszulc11’s webcam video 9 January 2012 04:59 (PST) This Clever Dog Is Asked If She’s Stupid. Her Reply? Hysterical!
well the stupid dog shuts the door… that’s all
when nothing is not to make…
funny dogs in action – funny dog action standing jumping and mating !!!! funny stupid dogs in action. epic funny and cute dogs in action. funny westie dog in action | dog playing games | [More]
Funny clips of extremely funny and stupid animals that are doing stupid things! What To Watch Next: More Funny Animals: Epic Fails: Click to SUBSCRIBE for More Awesome Videos! ► Visit us [More]
my bunny was standing and then fell backwards randomly, LOL. that’s all
Found with Dorito bag over her head.
Who is stronger cat or janitor cars Funny! On the channel ” Cats and dogs ” you will find the most interesting, funny , funny , funny videos about cats and dogs . fail,cat,fail 2014, [More]
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( Funny Dogs Playing in Water – best dog swimming compilation 2016, funny, dog, dogs, playing, water, best, swimming, compilation, 2016, funny dogs water, funny dogs, [More]
This is my cat, ill cat her stupid cat on youtube, and this is me petting her, and she dont seem really happy about it either.

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