playing around with the dog and my gopro, pretty damn funny to watch his face and eyes the whole time. Gopro + small rollbar mount, and one energetic dog.
Dog thinks door is closed Video: Sam Burns.
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LOL this golden retriever dog is just so funny. What would your dog do in this situation? Like this? Visit for more. Too funny dog thought the cat was dead! DEMOCRACY FOR VIETNAM ! FREEDOM [More]
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recorded from program america’s funniest home videos. nauhoitettu ohjelmasta hauskat kotivideot. tyhmä koira ei ymmärrä, että lasi on poistettu ovesta.
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The Most Funny Stupid Dumb Dogs Compilation – January 2013
Funny dogs doing stupid things. Funny dog games. Funny dog doormats
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Well, all dogs are not so smart. Of course accidents and fails happen from time to time but… trying to carry bigger stick than yourself, mud bath, trying to go through glass,…? Some dogs are [More]

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