Meet our top ten dog list for dogs with the least intelligence. In our video Dumbest Dog Breeds what do you think the number one dog breed is, find out now. Dumbest Dog Breeds (But [More]
What a knucklehead dog. She gave us a scare but is totally fine
Sets a bad example and unrealistic air for dogs in General Peter Caine Dog Training
this is a 4 month old puppy hanging
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I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
Another dumb video of Buddy playing frisbee.
Musical Chairs for Dogs Jimmyjumpnjive on Youtube The Dog Party Blog My LOLs on Cheezburger LIKE ME ON Facebook My disc dog club WOOFD2 Disc Dog Playlist Dumb [More]
This hilarious video of Diesel the Bull Dog with Box on Head walking around bumping into things is our absolute favorite video this month. Diesel the English bull dog dog is so cute as he [More]
this cracked me up so much i had to send it to yuove been framed but they denied it
This is only a preview my original video was way longer, anyway this is my dog acting crazy. She acts like this when i get in from work,
David Letterman 2009 03 10 Stupid Pet Tricks
Cheeky the pomhuahua (pom chi), Eloise & Filo the norwegian lundehund have fun in San Francisco doing stupid dog tricks. Rate this video!
Hey, everybody have a good weekend. Have a good meal. Spend some time with those you love. Enjoy. This is Stupid Pet Trick #27 – Dogs on a Picnic Table. Notice that Red Dog is [More]
Red loves to chew stuff up. Shoes. Socks. Toys. Blue. Note that the Blue Dog’s tail is wagging. Tail wagging fun for everyone! If you have a video of your dogs playing, post it as [More]
Stupid Dog Tricks Dog Tricks Skateboarding Dog riding skateboard at the beach April 2015 Extreme Snowboarding Surfing Skateboarding BMX intense Music April 2015 Snowboarding Surfing Skateboarding Extreme Sports Intense Music Snowboarding Surfing Skateboarding [More]
Another one of my half-baked songs accompanied by a bunch of random dog clips. NEW CHANNEL:
this is a video of my dog star having a stupid moment and licking the wall
Top 10 Least Intelligent Dogs It was inevitable to write this list after we posted the top 10 most intelligent dogs. With good comes bad and with smart comes stupid. With every positive quality comes [More]
Dog doing a fish out of water move. Very funny dogs pictures / images. Stupid and hilarious videos of animals that will make you laugh. by DogsCircle Watch more DOG VIDEOS below: (Katies Adventure) KATIE [More]

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