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My dog, Jojo tries to annoy me.
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my dog barking at his reflection in the refrigerator
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fat cat and stupid dog fight
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Playing cat and doing wonderful moves in air. Did not know why its is doing this, see it and enjoy. A cute brown kitty is play with itself doing crazy cat moves. Very interesting and [More]
Zeus chasing the laser around on the ground
A stupid dog that thinks he’s a duck
Rancho the dog doesn’t want to be a stupid dog so he sometimes goes to school where he learns cool stuff about the world. He’s a very smart dog, and an A-student and tries really [More]
both dogs are mine black one thinks he’s the dominant dog but the blonde on is the oldest
Retarded dog gets run over by a deer while out hunting. Apparently he didn’t understand why he was there. lol
Silly dogs doing silly things!!! What could be more awesome to watch:) Dogs are the best! Why? Because they are silly, they can be stupid, they can be idiots (in the cutest in the world [More]
For any copyright matter please contact us Dogs are So Stupid…๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Dogs are goofy. Everyone knows that, compared to cats, they are about as graceful as a hippo on ice. But while they may [More]
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Funny dogs video – Funny stupid dogs compilation You wanna see some funny videos with dogs? You`re in the right place. Watch this funny dogs who have failed at simple tasks or they are just [More]
Just my dog running into a wall while dreaming!Plz suscribe 1st vid
Stupid Dog Owners, please think twice Part one of three on stupid Dog owners. The amount of silly dog owners out there is amazing. Untrained dogs offleash to cause havoc amongst others, including attacking wildlife.other [More]
Try Not To Laugh: Top 8 Stupid Dogs | Funny Pets Compilation Welcome to Funny Pets Channel โ–ฎ Link Video : WOA Funny Video: Funny Pets: Funny Dogs and Cats: Funny Animals: [More]
This Old Dog Was Surrendered For Being โ€œStupid.โ€ But Shelter Staff Refused To Give Up On Him Deciding their 18-year-old pooch was more trouble than he was worth, a pair of dog owners took him [More]

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