Here is a cute trick with a dog pushing things with his nose. He may try to pick it up at first, but I just hold onto it then. He already knows the ‘fetch’ [More]
My rescued pitbull marcus showing off one of his tricks. Chad Culp, Certified Dog Trainer with Thriving Canine plays a game of banana catch with his dog, Nakita. But this trick has a twist and the stakes get higher and higher and higher as [More]
How to Make A Dog Howl just made a vine with this vid! check out my vine channel for more vines later on
Two Rhodesian Ridgebacks are involved in the trick (Kane and Nero). Kane will alley oop a treat from his nose to Nero who is behind him.
Golden retriever bang game (die) dog play dead!
haha Mika didn’t understand where her toy was… later she didn’t want to leave it anymore xD
hahahaha Mike Vick has a place in every dog’s heart
Ted the cockapoo dog has just learnt to wave.
Dogs Trust dogs do The Snoot Challenge
Elmo Staffy x Chihuahua TDCH rear leg target.. Elmo knows the rear leg hike ‘go pee’. He offers it all the time so much so we lost a normal ‘back up’ . I started to [More]
Yorkshire Terrier – Dancing Dog – Dog Tricks Some Dog Tricks with my little Yorkie Aika. Clicker-Training. Song by: DJ Francis Tippy Toe Thanks for watching! Aika is wearing a bandana by ZUMBA Fitness Buy [More]
Dog puts his paw around his best friend. SUBSCRIBE TO KYOOT!: Watch More Animal Videos at: Like us on FACEBOOK: Kyoot delivers your daily fix of LOL pet clips and premium original [More]
Hey guys and welcome to listed in today’s video, I will be looking at the top 10 dogs react to magic tricks with blankets to us, these magic disappearing tricks seem really simple but to [More]
My Chocolate Lab Teddy showing his weiner on command.
August 26th is National Dog Day. I asked my staffy Bella what she wanted to do to celebrate the day. The video has her suggestions. Enjoy 🙂
In this funny dog video, watch and laugh at this puppy makinh some funny sounds while he sleeps. This takes snoring to a whole new level! SUBSCRIBE TO PETSAMI: Watch More Animal Videos at: [More]
And they say romance is dead… 😂😍 ===================== Credit: ===================== Follow us on: ▶Instagram: ===================== Welcome! We are Stunned Lad, presenting the everything. We upload anything on this channel. Hope you enjoy it, [More]
Sometimes my chihuahua isnt so sweet… *Check out Bella’s other videos!*
A cute trick to work on with your dog while strengthening your bond. Teach SIT PRETTY first as a foundation:
Really funny dog video of smiling dogs. Teach your dog to do this: Compilation video of the cutest smiling dogs from around the internet. You have to watch! A big thank you to the [More]

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