ChappyShowcase presents a comedic film starring mans best freind. 26 dogs are in this k9 blooper video. Chappy Twitter: Chappy Facebook:
My dog’s too fast for his own good. He tends to bark at a ball if it has been kicked, but he just so happened to slip on a tile and face plant.
Trying to run on a hardwood floor is hard when you’re a puppy. lol To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email The Sit Means Sit Dog Training System can be utilized with Any Dog, Any Age and Any Problem, proving to be one of the Most Effective Dog Training Systems in the World! Within minutes [More]
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FUNNIEST ANIMALS: Corgi jail break.Funny Dog Funny Video Clips Fail Compilation Best Of Top Funny Home Videos. Watch this super funny compilation videos of the best funny videos on ooops funny home videos channel. Make [More]
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The greatest dog training secrets, life saving tips, and much more…
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Dog trying to run with shoes on feet. Funny Stuff! Funny Dogs Doing Funny Things
Roxy was so focused on jumping for the ball that she collides with another dog, resulting in an epic face-plant brought to you in glorious slow motion. Don’t worry, Roxy was absolutely fine! Although her [More]
Bloopers from my video of the dog chasing a treat and spinning me right’round in a chair. Good thing my video crew had workers comp…3 injuries occured during the filming of this video. Download and [More]
George is my super smart dog. His favorite toy is his automatic fetching machine called a “Go Dog Go” … want one?
Our dog likes to play chicken with sledders and has always been smart enough not to get hit…until now. Watch this short dog blooper. Our bichon frise is hit twice by sledders and walks away [More]
Bella at the dog park
Schutzhund blooper: Awesome dog, apparently not so awesome handler. Protection training is fun, but only if you don’t get caught in your own line. Recorded in July at the San Jose German Shepherd Dog Club. [More]
This is the Blooper reel we made of the Channel 7 broadcast – complete with Laff Track! (February 2008)
Redbone Coonhound swimming, dog learning to swim, how to teach your dog to swim, dog blooper
We check out the latest G3 Remote Fetch machine from the guys at GoDogGo, Inc. This automatic dog ball launcher (powered by battery or AC) is similar to a tennis training machine. You (or the [More]
Watch this animal blooper! Kitten has a serious craving for fresh milk, however, a spayed 5 year old dog probably isn’t the best source.
Een dagje uit naar Schier-Monnikoog, we hebben genoten en Vita ook.

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