Soldier reunites with dog

Rascals likes this story about a border collie mix puppy and a female soldier reunited…

“Three months after shipping her adopted dog, Ratchet, Ratchet, a border collie mix, home from Iraq, Army Specialist Gwen Beberg was reunited with him.

The two were reunited Saturday (Jan 17, 09) as Beberg returned to Spring Lake Park, Minnesota, (after her tour of duty was over in Iraq) the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported. Beberg adopted Ratchet as a month-old pup after fellow soldiers rescued him from a burning pile of trash in Baghdad, Iraq.

Friends, family and supporters gathered at VFW Post 363 to witness the reunion. I wish every soldier in the world, past, present and future, came home to a welcome like this, Beberg said.

Beberg urged support for Operation Baghdad Pups, a branch of SPCA International that rescues dogs and cats adopted by U.S. military personnel. More than 50 pets have been relocated to the United States.

Although the Army balked at Bebergs plan to send the dog home, Bebergs efforts, and those of Operation Baghdad Pups — along with 70,000 signatures on online petitions and some help from congress — led military officials to loosen the prohibition on U.S. troops adopting pets in Iraq.”


Ravinder Kaur says:

I so love this story. 🙂 how can i not appreciate and love life more?

perdigas91 says:

beautiful dog

Dave Rave says:

With all the doom and gloom in this world today, this news story warmed my heart. Wishing you happiness together.

Missy Rabbit says:

for all the soldiers do, the LEAST the military should do is allow them to bring home their companions. there are groups willing to help, but all the red tape makes it difficult.

Revolution1117 says:

I think this is GREAT! Sure, rules are rules, but I think Military brass ought to "try" and be a little more passionate and lenient when it comes to soldiers wanting dogs while they're overseas fighting for our country. Having a dog to love and take care of would do more for a soldier's morale and more sanity than anything else that's available to them, while they're in that "living Hell" over there. Thank God for our brave men & women, AND organizations like "Operation Baghdad Pups"!!

Dave Dyck says:

nice to see that the right thing was done for a change. This women goes and serves her country and wants to do what's right and not just leave the dog to fend for itself.

Wower says:

@klmoll Yes, isn't it sad that they used to abandon military dogs? They've since learned and now bring the dogs back, or are supposed to. I can't imagine how lost and confused those abandoned dogs were though. to be taken care of and have their 'family' one day and to be on their own the next. How sad.

diensthunds says:

A direct violation of General Orders in that soldiers will not have mascots or pets of local animals. Don't worry we violated on the first mission out the wire of our post. It was the highlight of the day to see a dog while stationed there. I'm so glad that the dog and the Specialist were able to make it through the red tape and be together again.

Rock Socks says:


wintersfire says:

I think it would be a good idea to have dogs or pets around as a way to reduce the amount of stress that soldiers go through while away from home. Like the Gwen said, having the dog was a comfort with all the war going around. Could help alil.

hotchillibot says:

cant believe they were trying to stop the d og from returning home!

Roy B says:

What rabk is sfc. ? Is it low, medium or high? Also, good to see she's home in onenpiece and reunited. Thank you for your services, you will not be forgotten

Sea otter says:

Thank you for rescuing the dog and thank you for your service to our county. God bless you.

wordreet says:

Love it love it love it!!

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