American Bullies are supposed to be chilled and laid back. Well no one told that to Blueline’s MC Hammer. This boy jumped on my brand new Canon 5d like it was his favorite chew toy.


AquaticTuber says:

Humans can opt out of cosmetic surgery, but dogs aren’t so lucky. We choose for them—and we often choose painful, unnecessary procedures such as ear-cropping and tail-docking. To give certain breeds so-called “desirable” traits, unscrupulous veterinarians perform cruel, disfiguring surgeries that cause dogs great suffering.

R33C3 says:

Should have played jaws theme

Dr.KarMichael And Jones says:


Nolwazi Mhlongo says:

I screamed.

Adan Ramirez says:

There are a lot of ignorant haters in this comments. First the title was sarcastic and that's not a pit bull as a lot of people in the comments are saying. If they do not know what a real pitbull is why are they even commenting and if you do not like pit bulls or bullies why are you even watching this video.

Awsomeness Games says:

Dog: Get That Thing out of my face

CSWRB says:

Ugly gargoyle. Never trust a bully breed.

dani pedrosa says:

get that shit off my face jajjajajajajaja

Rovena Caka says:

anyyone who says bad things about pitbulls doesnt know anything about them .they are soooo nice and friendly.and it is not how the dog s breed character is it is how you train the dog.and because one of them is rude that doesnt mean that all of them are.DUH!!!!

johan van hullebusch says:

they are  all nice dogs, well not pitbull butt american bullys,

Monkey Lee says:

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha auweia

John Kwak says:

Are there health problems with these dogs? I mean it seems like with controlling breeding sometimes it's not good for the dog but I like to know what kind of issues these bully dogs may have.

TheRedtaz says:

I had pitbulls in my past, and now I have 2 bullies. I think bullies are better looking than pitbulls. I like the short stocky look, more than the tall boney look. bullies  are a better looking dog.

Bart Nijsten says:

More Shitbull than Pitbull, sorry just not in to these mutts

Ayoub Elism says:

The dog was saying stay away before attacking… Thats why People get Hurt.

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