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The repetitive rituals of watering, pruning and shaping minute trees is a life of devotion, giving Bonsai master Chiako Yamamoto a serene connection to nature and time itself.
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Extraordinary Rituals
Extraordinary Rituals explores the spectacular and emotional world of rituals.

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Dale Cannon says:

such a humbling video,life as it should be!! a much slower pace,peace of mind

4everyellow says:

Perfection level : Chinese
Teach me Sensei

Berojgar Yuva says:

She's awesome

Tygr Allure says:


Arnold Davis says:

It's great she got out of prostitution to do bonsi

preemula rai says:

The voice of the narrator sounds like Tom Hiddleston.

My More Noble Pursuits says:

I really hope there is someone to look after her grandfather's tree. It's so special.

Savio Erai says:

Japanese are not easy but Tough and Patient


EroBansai Sensai xD

Little Fat Sky :3 says:

Stop abusing treessss

Jk dont kill me 😥😥😥

downbey 258 says:

Can I please be your student for a year and inherit that bonsai! I would be so honored
I have one named Deku!

Guga Gaidzak says:

Next life I wanna be asian……

REPTAR . says:

Sensi You can’t grow plant when you don’t have a sense or ritual or spirituality…..
Ganja mane Hold my joint.

Marius Cash says:

After 2000 years, Japanese are still obsessed with Chinese things

Crazy lover says:

Why not natural big tree

hd31 says:

Her dreams must be full of trees

E Z E says:

It reminds me of The karate kid movie Mr. Miyagi

Mert G says:

Why the dislike’s loosers ?

bastek. says:

I Love bonsai 😍😍😍☺Have a nice day 👍☺

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