6ft Gator Battles Paul In Family Pool | Gator Boys

Next time you’re ready to hop in the pool, you may want to do a quick scan for any unwanted, long, green, scaly visitors. Paul and Ashley rescue a 6ft alligator in one family’s backyard!

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SpoT says:

dont just leave the gator with tape BRO

Clint Gallows says:

Steve Irwin wouldn't have tired em out man was about business everytime

Kendra Estrada says:

Gator Boys Gator girls get it

alligator gator says:


Aaron Salim says:

I would never do that

Aaron Salim says:

That was scary

caitlynn clark says:

i watch this ALL the time and this part always gets me 2:10

Trinity Wieland says:

Do u hurt it when u jump on him


ok and don't kill or some ting ok i will report you bra da

Anastasios koutsis says:

I miss this show 2019 anyone

Noah Ben Haddou says:

If I saw one that in my pool I would catch it and eat it

Lone Star says:

Lucky gator @ 3:18 !!ย  Waa waa waa.

Van Ollis Tincup says:

About 6ft to5 or 7

jessie blue says:

Loved this show don't know why it got cancelled

That Username Is Taken says:

Welcome to Florida

IDontKnow WhatToPut says:

The alligator was a paid actor

Cousin Complanation says:


Mean Spider says:

Why he have to take it in the truck

Walker Hampton says:

2:26 the boy in the middle is eye balling ashleys booty

DragonWithaMonocle says:

2:12 That moment could have been his death. If that gator had decided to go for a kill and latched onto his head instead of rushing into the water again… it probably could have cracked his skull. I've seen medium alligators break turtle shells like a human cracks eggs.

TheBubblyBear says:

Whatever happened to this show and Call of the Wild-man?

Stretch Wilson says:

I like how they add the underwater growling

TheDerpDerpPenguin says:

I looked at the comments b4 i was jump scared so i was prepared

ScytheReaper says:

that lady dont give a fuck, riding gators like that. I rather go and hug my russian bears man.

Maka Charles says:

im confused bc when you guys were about to cook it it looked like you guys were shoving the stick down its throat and for a minute i thought it was going to come out of its butt hole so i was kinda of confused and i was wondering if the shark tasted good cuz it looked like chicken to me and and i looovvveee chicken

King Cazalas says:

Let me guess, you got jumpscared and came to the comments

Mustafa Khalil says:

2:13 I shit my self

YT Roro says:

I donโ€™t have the balls do touch a dead fly

Saucy Memes says:

Just leave it alone when it is out of the water! They are creatures too! Smh.

Michelle Reines says:

i jumped so hard at 2:14

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