Hardest ESCAPE ROOM for a DOG – Tricky MIRROR MAZE

Hardest ESCAPE ROOM for a DOG – Tricky MIRROR MAZE

We have made a new video of a smart dog that was put into escape room! This escape room looks alike a mirror labyrinth. It is handcrafted by our craft team! We believe that this is the Worlds most complicated escape room in the new year of 2019! Our dog Ajka was utterly happy to enter the escape room, just out of her curiosity, and to break out of it as fast as she can. So, what happened when our Beagle went to the mirror maze labyrinth? She stole the show!

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ToddTech says:

Yes! Keep doing more of these. awesome as always, love to see what you come up with.

GlobalBeam says:

Beagles thoughts: Oh, whats that? Can I eat it?

Cynthia M. says:

Cats rule and dogs drool. Dog also cheated. 😁😹🐢

Riris Katharina says:

I love it! and it was a very good looking maze for dogs

Ezel Yildirim says:

Now amazing

hittman_mike says:

So smarter than cats tbh I

'm not saying that to be rude to the cat I'm saying it to be honest

lydia gamache says:

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Valerie Stockwell says:

A visual test.

Valerie Stockwell says:

You used a scent hound in a village ad u as l test?

Charlie hughes says:

Animal cruelty

Peanut Brain says:

Is it a saint banardoe

Sophia Liu says:

1:17 lol

Julien Roussel says:

omg its so mush hard i cant stand a chance if i wase a poor poor dog like him ( clickbair )

Sha Chaney says:

My dog would have jumped over the wall. lol. He’s a no bs type of dog with no patience lol. Cute video and dog too!

Emily Cat says:

Doggo 2 fluffy 4 u

Emily Cat says:

This is an unnecessary comment

starwolf says:

get a dog that uses vision more, all i ever see those dogs do is sniff around

Grant Steyn says:

if this was my dog,he will jump over it…lol….is not high

B.L Videos says:

DAN, pridna Ajka :}

Jasmine Morrissey says:


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