|| Dog Tricks Tutorial : 8 EASY & IMPRESSIVE dog tricks


Wilma Lehtola says:

I teaced my dog bang and them she falls on her side pretending to be shot 😂😂

Priyadashini Perakasam says:

thank you so much !!!

GoldenbanjoDJ says:

This is fucking adorable

Jennifer Lex says:

Your dogs are so beautiful, they have a sweet face , great job!

Sunita Chauhan says:

Please 2 Mera dog bahut hi boktha h keshe trening de adult dog

Kylie Heppner says:

Watching these for my dog but seeing a samoyede reminds me of Mini Ladd's puppy who died last year unexpectedly. It makes me so sad 🙁

Evie Anne says:

This is adorable

agteen 4 says:

Wow u r incredible. Is ur dog patient? Mine is not. I was just wandering if it makes a difference


Finally some one with real stuff


Which breed is it ?

Kahlan says:

Nice, now I know what next to teach my dog, also a samoyed (:

Little Sausage says:

I know this is super late, but is it okay if i use a installed clicker on my phone

NINGAZ says:

What music 7:40

George's Universe says:

my service dog is too stupid to learn these AHAHAHA

Jeannie patterson says:

You and your dog are BRILLIANT! Thank you for sharing!

EllaThe_ShihTzu K9 says:

U fed the dog to many treats until it was night time -.-

Yellow Pencil JR says:

Good tricks 👍🏻

Chihuahua RainbowPlayz says:

I have a Samoyed too! His name is Genjis

Lila Raulston-Lappart says:

C'est super cool! 😘

WoWBloodrend says:

How fantastic! I can't wait to try these with our Sammy! Thank you so much for the video! <3 Keep up the hard work!

xo twod says:

Tysm I taught most of these to my 2 dogs it they understood it immediately thank you so much!!

Erin Brunk says:

I taught my dog hide! Its so cute! Tape didn't stick on her so I blew on her snout.

TheMariezeus says:


Lilac 22 says:

This video was so so helpful I’ve been trying to watch other dog videos and this has been the best one yet it’s so detailed and I love how you showed us with your dog instead of just telling really really love this video.just subscribed ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

dry noodles says:

your dog looks majestic

Lisa Lemein says:

I learn my border collie the trick to stand on my feet and walk. He understands that he have to do his paw on my shoe. But he don't understand that his other paw stand on the shoe on the same time. How can I teach him that?

Hektor Valdes says:

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