Nellie Champion Trick Dog Application


Giannis Skilas says:

Bernese is the best dog!!!!!!

Lil caspi says:

Ok on musically,someone is using this vid and claiming it’s “their” dog named cowboy.

Aurinkohirvi says:

Seems one cat owner was a bit jealous.

Aurinkohirvi says:

Her step is so airy and bouncy, she is in good condition. A happy dog!

Gildarts says:

oh my… your dog is so clever :O I think she can drive too if you ask XD

Fred Ziffel says:

Pretty obvious that someone in this video really loves her dog. (:

Yashraj Nanaware says:

mast cutta hai
bohot sundar bhi hai
Bharat mata ki jai

normandylabs says:

Awesome dog and handler! Congratulations!

2Berners says:

Awesome work!

Mary Doane says:

This is just wonderful!

Kyra Sundance says:

Outstanding job! Excellent training and one of the happiest dogs I've ever seen. Nellie is a true Champion!

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