Hilarious Dancing Dog Gus!

My dog Gus loves Christmas, put on National Lampoons and watch him go!, feel free to share. Like, comment and Sub some more prank vids featuring Gus coming in future.
credit: Lindsay Buckingham: holiday Road

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Outdoorsygal O says:

Gus is the cutest!
As always, I hit the LIKE button, but wished there was a LOVE button. ❤️

GoTrails says:

So cute!! Interesting video!

Discover E says:


adveNZures says:

So awesome 👏🏻

jesywilliamson says:

So, so, so cute!! ❤️

Clayton County History Hound says:

It's sad that I have now seen a dog that's got better dance moves than me. Great video and I think an extra treat should be in order lol. Take care.

Louloupetals says:

I love him!!!

Darlene Bonser says:

hahahaha…crazy like his owner??????

Cain Beeping says:

That was funny 👍👍

meMiner says:

I'd love to teach my dog to do that. Only video she reacts to is Aquachigger's voice.

Cassandra Mcarrillo says:

Too cute!!! Love that movie too😊👍❤️

Hee Haw says:

Full diaper?

J Three B says:

HA! AWESOME! my dog, i got a video clip of him humping to the intro of two and a half men!

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