Dancing Merengue Dog


anjanette sevilla says:

U dont even know it doesent hurt the dog ok so get your facts straight

R Y says:

Que lindo el perrito bailando. Pero tenian que soltarlo pobresito.

Senor Z says:

The dog is choking himself

Senor Z says:

The dog is choking himself.

Senor Z says:

The string is attached to the chair. Not the ceiling.

WhiteAfrican78 says:

Ok, so, settle this argument. I breed dogs and understand their psychology. This dog is tied with a sting, yes, but this dog is in no pain and enjoying the interaction. This is something that must have been done for a year or 2 and this is how it ended up, a little party trick. He looks like he is trying to walk forward …and acting up a bit/ barking excitedly when encouraged. All in all very cute but I will retire him at 4 because of his hips. 😀

Viral Video Fun says:

This is not my video, I saw it posted and thought it was cute/entertaining so I re-posted a portion of it.
The dog is attached to a leach and was on the ground but decided to dance along to the music, I cut the end off as well where he just sits back down. The dog is doing this himself and knows how to stop it and does when he wants to.
Many people use leaches to tie their dogs to something, it's normal. This dog just decided to get up and dance which is what makes the video unique.

VVenceslaVV says:

tienes colgando al perro hijo de puta

DCUOClassified says:

Stfu if the dog wanted to stop it would have u moron

Randy D says:

This is cruel u can clearly see a string attached belching the dog from its collar to the chair behind it ..

Cortana says:

si se fijan bien tiene como una cuerda sujetandolo…

dittelyfeldt says:

This is awful! its got a string tied to its neck 🙁

medo145 says:

you can see that there is something tied to his neck

jackelinecibrian says:

Soooo funny and cute but mest up lol

leaka watchempino says:

looks like film is spliced

mickjen says:

A string, or leash is holding him up?

monisha tandon says:


JaeLy Jimenez says:

tooo Great! Made my night!

Mofeta From Brooklyn says:

Awesome. :DDDD

Emanuel Arana says:

You go,dog.

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