Cute dog singing to stop baby crying- Dog loves Baby

When your babies are crying, just bring cute dog come near them. The dog will sing to stop baby crying.
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Леана Янгличева says:

Стас михаела

Athena Millay says:

A baby cries for a reason! Shes hungry, wet or has belly ache! Dumb parents!

Mary Richardson says:

Can't you see your baby needs something. And the dog is howling because it makes it nervous. Snap out of it. Take care of your baby. Poor dog, poor baby!!!

Raile John says:

I love their voice 😘😘

Edith Diane Blankenship says:

Parents should be checking their children,more often thanthey do with their phones.the dogs,arent their parents and,càntchange, diapers, or feed them…..its child neglect

Almighty Panty says:

How I wish I can have 1 dog like their dogs…=(

linda niña says:

Quiero una niñera como esa😃😄😃

tihitina Terefe says:

Dear parents please put it down your video recorders & pick up & hold your babies that's is your responsibility.

Charlotte Morrow says:

Don't like the one with baby out in the snow. It might be too cold!!

amita bhatkar says:

People r busy in making video. They dont care if child cry for a long… Non sense

sachin prasad says:

Lol.. looks like their house is haunted. That's why both are crying.

anggiyona riza says:

Aku jg cynk banget m anjing

腹有詩書氣自華 says:

狗狗 : 怎麼辦 比我還會吵的~_~ㄆ

christine ramos says:

omg. poor babies.

Marquita Ferguson says:

Ummm… I think the dogs are trying to say “can you please stop crying” in their best people voice. Or perhaps “Hey! Your baby is crying”. Or in all honesty they are probably cussing the owner out for recording when they know that their child is crying and in need of some type of attention. Idk. Just maybe… 🤷🏽‍♀️😂😂

Mastono Tono says:

kemana ibuy sh

Kathryn Mariani says:

Dogs are freakin' amazing

Jackie Ashley says:

Nothing funny when the second was howling crying and not of this is funny baby CRY dogs howling is damn annoying DAMNIT pickup the baby already

Diana González Onofre says:

Sin duda alguna estos perros me isieron yorar yo siempre e dicho hasta las perras quieren mucho Asus cachorros con ti mas como no van adorar por un bebé que ternura me produce este video.

Eliane Itacaramby says:

Que belezinha

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