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Teaching your dog to put their head down is a really cool trick to teach your dog. It’s a great relationship builder, and it is done using entirely positive training methods! This trick teaches your dog to put their head down on command. It’s a great skill for them to have when you’re trying to take that cute Instagram picture of your dog;) You’ll see how easy it is to teach your dog to do this cool trick in just 3 simple steps. Hope you enjoy some trick training with your four-legged family member!

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Happy Training! ~Ken
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Payton Grimm says:

My dog is a boxer and she really doesn’t get super motivated from treats any advice?

Patricia says:

this is such a cute trick! Thanks Ken and Kayl for your great instructional videos!

Lilia says:

This is such a cute trick!! I'm going to try it with my Mini American Shepherd. He was just neutered a few days ago at a year so I've been trying to keep him pre-occupied in various ways including not-as-active tricks. This seems like a great one for an active pup that loves to learn and being forced to be less active for a bit.

Kane gsd says:

Nice details. Well done!

GoldRoseEquine says:

Thanks, I can't wait to try that with my Cavalier. I enjoy learning new things and ideas from your channel.

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