Funny Dog and Cat Videos -Cats and Dogs Annoyed with Friendship Compilation


David Wonderland says:

Aww, what playiny is!!!

OmRajesh K Bangalore says:

I wish I had a cat or a dog….. I feel I'm alone even in the Crowd 馃槥馃槥馃槥

rasyadi yacob says:

Subcriber back bro


So lovely!!!

Amartya Randive says:

Even they r Happy then me馃槩

JayTor2112 says:

1:11聽 I feel for ya kitty.聽 Those little yapper breeds annoy me too.

GIOVY Official yt says:

Whats the song on the video?

Vainth says:

1:36 is so hilarious . Dog is just like "What the heck man? no..seriously, what the heck."

Alexandros Petrou says:

1:17 "wtf is wrong with that miniature dog"

lemurian chick says:

How can someone be annoyed by friendship?!

Delores Emeagi says:

Thumbnail isn't in the video = thumbs down

google google says:

1:35 i think that cat was actually trying to mount that German Shepard lol

Chase Campillos says:

pH og


Chase Campillos says:

pH og


H霉ng Nguy峄卬 says:

The world is big enough for both of us =))

Arts Club says:

one of the cats were humping the dog

MultiTomcat67 says:

At 1:37, was that cat mounting or wrestling with a German Shepard? Not sure which is freakier.

Arthur Johnson says:

Cats are the best and so was the music!

Genesis Monet says:

The cat was humping the dog! 1:35 XD

Vatsal Jain says:

Me – the pup
Mom – the cat
lol ily, mom! XDD

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