Dogs Hug :) – Cute dog trick

Just a quick clip of of a cute double dog trick! Tutorial coming soon on how to teach your dogs to line up next to you or other dogs for photos and video.


Miss Miss says:

Vos chien sont magnifiques

Beaux Poils says:

Hope you will make a video to show us how to do that! 😀

Ana Larson says:

Love the group hug, awesome.

chickennugget21 says:

So cool! Can any of your pups get you a tissue on a sneeze cue? I’m in the process of shaping that one because I think it’ll be super cute to show off. Thanks for uploading again!

Dabo do says:

Love your videos. Thanks for sharing.

Fizzie Lizzie Bath Bombs says:

Omg is that you?! I think I subscribed to your channel a long time ago because you had some really good training videos especially clicker training videos. And yes please show us the process! Glad to see you back on YouTube

Ace of Hogan says:

Omg nice job !! ❤

cherie says:

You've shown quite a few videos lately that you show a trick that your dogs can do. ( and it is inspirational dont get me wrong) but I like to see the process of teaching the trick please.

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