SMART Dogs Do INCREDIBLE Tricks | These smart rescue dogs each have their own special talent πŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸ’ž
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Leaving bit by bit says:

And Loki's…..Learning.
Where's Thor?
Okay…That was silly.Hey,there,wait for me…See ya all!

quirky merrell_ says:



Unfortunate Personality says:

Omg this girl is in America got talent

Mina Velucci says:

😘😍 so cute and sweet

mykernelpanic says:

I love this channel so much. I suffer from mental illness and when I have a meltdown someone putting on a video from this channel really helps ease the tension I'm feeling. I love animals so much and eventually (when I can afford it) want to get a service animal as my disabilities are very debilitating. I wish the world had more nice people like the ones in your videos. The world would be such a better place.

Athena Apple says:

Wait Hero from americas got talent?

Cali Johnson says:

This girl and hero went on America's got talent!!

TurboFast says:

Hero was on Americas Got Talent!

Super Nova says:

May I have the puppy plzzzz XD, SOO KAWAII

Milan Sharma says:

Can some one tell the name of the place 0:16

Journee Nelson says:

Can you teach my dog how to do those things

OrkYeh says:

Very smart ! 😱

Adopt MEOW says:

Man, I wish everyone had the ability and resource to enrich their kid's and dog's life like this.
These are such lucky pups!

Butters The Bean says:

Talent and beauty!

Super Soda says:

Yo! They're from America gots talent

SPRUCE says:

So sweet,😒😍

LIVE from HELL Jp Hellacious says:

Dog's rule! β™‘ THE VID

MZC Official says:

Omyghash why did someone dislike this, this is cool😍😍😍😍

Kim Wright says:

I think this girl was on AGT. Good one dodo

98superhero L says:

Im very disappointed this is the girl from America got talent that simon is fighting for she said she has no support and is living in her car doesnt look like that now

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