dog dancing


Anime Bad Boy 1999 says:

I downloaded this video forever ago and replaced the ending cutscene of dark souls 1 with it so whenever I beat the game on my PC I get to see dog dancing

Honestly a much better resolution than the game's regular ending

Aponina Apů says:

why is puppy on chain, why he have such a bad fur, it looks like pretty bad care :/

Michael Wright says:

That doge's dead now :'(

Colton Biggs says:

Such Glaxy. Wow. Agility. Much dance

Darrel Gordon says:

How do you train a Shiba dance like that?

piclemaniscool says:

That dog looks really fucking abused.

cowboy beanz says:

what is that thing on the dog's far right leg? 

stompasaurusrex says:

look at comments
much doge
such forced meme
very Tumblr

MrDubtunez says:

wow so dance

Kazuichi Souda says:

bones’ll make her dance

Deedle pml says:

my Shiba does this too!!!

Nonhuman says:

such dancing
very train doge
big star

boscorner says:

You should see dog dancing live. Much better live.


Shut the fuck up.

Danny Venom says:

wow such sniff

Its Glizzy says:

"wof wof" – Doge

SaberWingDragon says:

I am aware. I own one.
This comment was a response to a bunch of people claiming abuse or the dog's collar was too tight, and that it wasn't dancing it was trying to get off the chain, etc. Stupid comments.

tr0lled says:

le doge face

asapcarell says:

Wow such dance

Comrade Stalin says:

Wof wof gud doge

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