3 Training Exercises You Can Do With Your Dog (In depth puppy training)

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Playlist: How to teach your puppy or dog the basics in order: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMssKIjsDxXmMGypWsr8u-yGOUSoPoozb


iionite says:

My puppy will not listen to me whatever I do

Rogue Angelxx says:

Can a personal protection dog be trained at home? If so, can you show how? I understand if not because I can see how it could be a dangerous thing to teach, especially if done for the wrong reason.

s r says:

What breed is that?

Ok got it had missed it earlier.

Daylene Lopez says:

this is not related to this specific video but I figured it’s your most recent upload so you’re more likely to see this comment, I purchased a Pom puppy 3 days ago from a pet store, I’m having a little trouble potty training him because he was in the crate to eat sleep and poop all in the same place. I take him out once an hour if not more, but when I take him out he sits or lays and doesn’t look for a spot to go potty, as soon as we come inside(15/20 minutes later) he pees on the carpet! Any tips please please please! I have a 3 year old boxer who was not from a pet store and she seemed to be a little easier to potty train

Jessie Dennis says:

Where is the art in the back from? I love it!!

Anita Merry says:

How do I train my puppy not to eat my cat

Jessica Metzing says:

Hello, love watching your videos! I had a question for you… I have a female blue heeler that just turned 5 months old a few days ago and while she does infinitely better with the biting than she used to when she was younger… She still has a tendency to bite when she gets really excited. Should I be worried that it is not completely phased out at her age? Keep making the videos!

Rushill Beeharry says:

Im new to this channel and im rating it ∞ over 10.Great work dude. Keep it up.

Wojtek DD says:

I need help. There is no Way to gently Pet my dog, every Time i touch him he is going crazy biting my hands or running, every Time i train him for example sit, he will sit, he will take reward, but when i want to touch him he is Just running from me (not fear, but like jumping and biting everything around.. Anyone?

WorldofSeul says:

How much for you to come and help with our dog? We need some help. We have a 1 year old German Shepherd and it's so hard to train him. We've been looking for a Trainer and I'm really interested in learning from you person to person with our dog. If you do it at all. If not we'll find someone, that's fine. I'd just prefer you is all

Jenny Chuong says:

Can you do a video on how to train a low energy puppy? My puppy would rather nap and lounge around than engage in training. I use high value currencies and do my best to have really genuine and high energy levels but she is very hard to get engaged with.

Stefani Kay says:

Tips on brushing teeth / Training nails / Putting on boots… I know I'm asking a lot… Lol

Nikki Nickson says:

I am getting a new puppy very soon a portugese water dog i cant wait i am a new sub but i have watched almost all ur videos and i love them the are really helpful and with ur help ima have the best friend ever

Random Thingz says:

Zak thanks so much I have a pit bull pup I have to train its going to be hard by myself im glad you make videos NEVER stop (please)


Hi Zak! So I’m thinking about getting a puppy and I’m very busy and sometimes I get home later than 8:00 pm so what do you think is a good dog to get that I can leave home for at least 4 hours. Thank you! Keep making videos! I’m learning so much😊

Hope Banks says:

I am working with my new baby, an 8-month-old half golden half great dane who wants to help vacuum. Bravo Argyle, what a good boy. With 5 decades of dogs and training them to be my hearing dog, and seizure alert, and physical assist dogs, under my belt, I believe that Look At Me is the most important skill you will ever teach your dog. Once my dog as her eyes on me, she responds perfectly to any command. I've worked with her for 4 months now and we have reached the point where she never takes their eyes off me. She knows "wait right here for me," if I need to step out of her sight, and she will not move. My dog sitter who cares for her when I travel out of the country comes to training sessions so that she has a consistency. He has tried to distract her from her waiting position, she does not budge. I say consistency is important because I have seen dogs confused by two people going about two different ways of getting a dog to comply to the same command. I recommend Zak's book and videos to every dog owner who asks me "who trained your dog?" I've always trained my own, that said, I was taught well by a breeder who trained dogs for show and for service. Her training philosophy was very much like Zak's and it works, it is a process and it is worth every step and every hour invested. In the end, you have a dog who is truly the canine companion you can take anywhere.

TJ Blyde says:

Hey zak I just got a new puppy and every time I try to leave the house and go for a walk with her. She gets about 5 feet from our property and want to go back home/ back on the property. How can I get him to walk with me and leave the house/property?

Harisankar B says:

Hii sir what breed is that puppy

Andrea Chalfan says:

Hey, my new puppy is a REALLY heavy biter and it HURTS. I really need your help.

Andrea Chalfan says:

Thank you!!! I just got a puppy Thursday

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