Funny English Bulldog and Baby Video Compilation – Funny Dogs and Babies – Baby Loves Dogs

Funny English Bulldog and Baby Video Compilation – Funny Dogs and Babies – Baby Loves Dogs


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Lucy Chia says:

They are so gentle with the babies. Are all English bulldog behaves so?

Michael Schablowski says:

Wie geil ist das denn? 😀

Mason Kissel says:

Precious. This shows the true character of dogs and how loving and protective they are around babies.

This Is Indie says:

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Rosangela Santos says:

Acho essa risada dos bebês contagiantes,kkkkkkkkkk

Wolfie Night says:

Some dogs look ugly (but they are not cuz all dogs are cute to me!) but very kindhearted!

Maria Do Amparo Almeida says:

Eu quero comprar um onde encontrar

Sean Nishan says:

Bulldogs very good with kids!

tucko11 says:

Dogs won't hurt little baby's they know better

Michael skoufatos says:

This is why I truly believe every child should grow up with a dog!

lobinha games says:

Que fofo eu vou ter um bulldog agora mesmo 😍😍😍

Regis DAngelo says:

Funny animals

Эдик Коваленко says:

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B B Lal Saxena says:

A love bull dog

Milians'Muffin says:

We Are Legion!. says:

I don't know what is cuter the kid laughing or the dog trying to lick the kid but really can't because of the scrunched face lol..

LULU AlV says:

English dogs are the best!!!

Werwinski Sabrina says:

Mdr 😂tro mignonne bébé et le bulldog j'adore une boule d amour 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

rush741 says:

I have a bulldog and her name is stella

Kevin Azoulay says:

hands down best breed for children, very resilient dogs although quiet clumsy so always be on the look out

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