10 Giant Dog Breeds That Are Big Softies

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Giant dog breeds can look very intimidating, but most are surprised to find out these dogs are just gentle giants wanting to snuggle. Some of them will even try to fit in your lap! If you’re looking for a large dog that’s a big softie, look no further than these breeds!
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Kayla The Potato says:


LavaMichael says:

I have a Great Dane cross Labrador and he is the most gentle and kind dog I know!!!

Namonesu says:

i hate the mucik

shrek 2 says:

alaskan malamute?

Káťa Grasshand :3 says:

I love Irish Wolfhound! I have, Ruby c":

Chiru jason says:

Everyone talking about Burmese mountain dog where as I Only know Burmese python…🐵

Sanjid Islam says:

Siberian Husky ?

Chuck Norman says:

you for about the malmute.

Asis Das says:

Where is Tibetan mastriff

Chauhan Meet says:

Big dog very nice😊😊😊😊☺

Jacob Webber1329 says:

I want a Great Dane sooooo so so bad

AppZUMBi! says:

I have a pitbull bull named ace a chuwawa name Alice a German shepherd mixed with a chuwawa


Which is the giant dog breed with low maintainence cost?

Jiang Jun says:

You can't have a bid dogs list. Without having the Circassian dog in it. He hunts bears and eats them. Grows up on Russia. That thing is what I call a Beast.

Swan Kelly says:

Any sort of Mastiff bread will be the biggest baby, love bug you've ever had. Super smart too.

Silah Fetişisti says:

I have one giant candidate, 5.5 months and 74 cm shoulder height – 38 kg weight. I publish videos every month until 18 months of age.https://youtu.be/_m78_YZdwh0

Frienimals Club says:

My friend has a Burmese Mountain dog mixed with poodle and she’s so cute!

Yam Tastic says:

I have arrived for soft and graceful boyes

katy gordon says:

I have a Newfoundland ( I call her a Newfie ) 💖💖💖

Sarcasm Open World says:

alaskan malamute , tibetan mastiff , caucasian shepherd ?

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