Cute Pomeranian Puppies #12 | Cutest and Funniest Dogs Videos Compilation 2018

Cute Pomeranian Puppies #12 | Cutest and Funniest Dogs Videos Compilation 2018

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Sleepy Pug says:

0:17 Life VS Me 😂

sai shanti says:

Oh my god veryyyyyyyy cuteeeeeeeee

Jessica Chimezie says:

I wanted borks

TSM_ViXiA3 ViXiA says:


I asked you to by me a big pillow and you gave me the smallest one

Wait it’s moving AAAAAAAAAAwWWWwwwww

Chandranath Goswami says:

Soooo cute, I love the dog 👌👍

Shiva Spiderman says:

what is price of tea cup pomerian

leandro lovo says:


CookieAnimation Arts says:

3:28 its so cute!!

Divya Gohil says:

Pomeranian puppies..

Divya Gohil says:

Nd now this days i m going to take dog..u have any idea…for dogs..

Divya Gohil says:

Hey i m dog lover..i love it..

Ммне нравится эта песня инает суперМагомедалиева says:

продашь собаачкку

jojo siwa's hairline is dying HELP says:

Where do you get these pom poms?

Tuan Hoang Anh says:

Cute cottandcandy balls

Priyanka Mali says:

So quite dog

TheNarNutDoughnut says:

Why are balls of fluff moving around???

Aryan Lalji says:

Pomeriyan is a cute puppies

Mona M says:

Cuteness overloaded…

Reddy Prameela says:


abhinav raj says:

Lovely kiki

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