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A hungry bush cricket sets its sights on an orange and black mantis, only to be eaten alive by a white orchid mantis. Fascinating nature clip from classic BBC Series, Wildlife on One. Subscribe:

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Arifin Bali says:

The way it eating kinda satisfying

Jack ieboy says:

0:33 Surprise Madafucka!

kadir başarmak says:

Orospu çocuğu ya nasıl yiyor amk

Epic kid says:

Are you sure that's a cricket?

harri hiltunen says:

nice nature video…

Jae says:

The sound effects HAVE to stop.

This n' That says:

1:01 Mmmmmm. Buffalo cricket wings!

Andreas Hoppe says:

nom nom nom

TubingDoom says:

when you realize someone always add that extra sfx which is seriously annoying to me

Jimmy Jenns says:

That thing just grabs and starts eating instantly. What the hell bro?

Eddie King says:

Damn nature, you scary!!

Jason Gaddie says:

Kindog a sucker punch, huh? Haha

Abigail Marin says:

"bush cricket" "fellow leaf relative" ahahaha

Dan S says:

I would love to have an orchid mantis. Does anyone know what region they are in?

Mike H says:

daaaamn!!! that's not even fair.

Donald Trump says:

interesting how they can pick up the sounds of the mantis eating

Jonathan Kafrouni says:

i dont call that beautiful. its creepy

Roi Caawey says:

Thats katydid and orchid mantis eats that destructive katydid

Shah Hazard Khan says:

it's the first time I see a white mantis.. when the camera focuses nearer to the mantis.. it really looks like a zombie.. weird and scary

Omega Duo says:

That is a young and foolish bush Cricket….. good thing it died.

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