Try not to laugh about this funny animal compilation || Monkey fails, funny cat jumps, dog vines

Enjoy this funny animal compilation video and try not to laugh about these crazy animal fails! It’s a try not to laugh challenge! I bet you can not watch the whole video without laughing! Silly animals don’t fail to make us laugh so hard! These funny animal clips are just awesome! Crazy monkey fails, hilarious cats, crazy dog and puppy vines, animals that don’t want to bath, and many more amazing animal fails. Try not to laugh while you watch this funny video! Just the funniest video of 2016! I bet you can’t stop laughing after the first minute of these ridiculously funny animal clips! Some of the animals in this video are so silly and crazy! Mice are hunting cats, cats try to jump and fail, monkeys want to make love with cute kittens! It’s no surprise that some of these super funny cats and dogs make scary faces! These animals are so funny, they should be called funnymals! They won’t fail to make you laugh! It’s just so funny what these hilarious animals do!

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Amanda Egan says:

Aww you missed out the best bit of the animals being called by their names, "Echo" has to be called twice before he/she takes any notice lol

Redblossom101 says:

I don't know why it is so funny that the girl was on the the trampoline and the dog was on it too, my dog does that on a daily basis. But he rest of it was good! 😊

VidGeek says:

Hey Geeks! Have fun watching our funny animal compilation. Our favourite clip this time is the cute cat at 05:29. As usual, VidGeek is really trying to improve the video quality every single day. Therefore, we depend on your feedback. Please comment on our videos, tell us what you like, what you don't like and ofc what you want to see in our future compilations. Enjoy and have a nice day!

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