Rottweiler Dogs Protecting Babies and Kids Compilation – Dog Protection Videos

Rottweiler Dogs Protecting Babies and Kids Compilation – Dog Protection Videos
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Darryl Braxton says:

Beautiful dogs Rottweilers 💖💖 very protective and loyal, when treat right; as part of the family 💎

Serena Vanic says:


Ava Zerr says:

My four dogs are so protective of me 1 rot 1 mastiff 1 German Shepard 1 beagle they all sleep in my room right next to my bed my bro tried to wake me up and my dogs started to bark and Carry on at him

Russian Bot says:

Rottweilers are prone to obesity if fed improperly or exercised too little….lot of neglected dogs in this video

Aviation Nut says:

At my house i got six dogs all together, 1 Pitbull, 1 German Shepard, 2 Rottweilers and 2 doberman's and they all sleep in my 4 year olds son's room. I dare anyone to touch my son when they're around him.

Sir Kingsley says:

I had a great dog he was such a teddy bear but if you got mean towards my family he turn into a protective bear mode. I wish they weren't misunderstood breed because they are amazing dog. I should know because I he around 7 years never hurt me but he loves his cuddles

Chaos2626 says:

There all so cute bless their little hearts!

Sharon Langlotz-Johnson says:

Quite frankly while it looks like all fun and games, a person could get seriously injured playing games like that. A dog will act naturally. No need to egg them on.

Saurabh Saini says:

Always be beware of typical rottweiler way of protecting! !!

Domingo Jimenez.jimenez says:

Yo tenía otro que no degaba de tocar a mis ijo asin lo quería melomataron con una bola de carne con agujas que por ciento que no mentere quien fuera sido si no tiene jaleos eso no se ace aún animal y más a mi pero que era muy fiel con nosotros yo el vasco de Bilbao vale benga amistad para el grupo ole ole mi chica

Aubrie Yeakey says:

I had one but it died he was a good boy he would protect me and my sister

Ajit Siwach says:


Liberty Being Liberty says:

I know rotts are dangerous, but I've raised them all my life, I know how to train them, and I have two of them.

Hitler says:

He protec he attac but most importantly he bite bac

Marinette Dupang Chang says:

OMG 3:05 is the cutest thing I ever seen😭💖

Pedro Medeiros says:

1:05 NANI???


George careful what you wish for rots are dangerous


Second to comment

Vini George -More says:

1rst to comment wnd to like, i love dogs and i would like to have this dog

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