Canine Freestyle Footwork Trick! – Dog Tricks Training

This is a super cute trick! A word of warning, don’t train paw work as one of the first behaviors you train your dog. First train your dog a handful of other behaviors you don’t mind your dog “offering” to you, until they learn the concept of only doing a specific behavior when asked.

To teach this trick your dog will first need to know a couple of foundations:
1 The sit stay
2 To offer his his left and right paw on cue

Happy training 🙂 Love, KIKOPUP

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suseela sriram says:

What is that treat

Flower fairy says:

Great video. Your house always looks so clean and tidy!

Agile K9s says:

Very cute and as always really well explained

Vörös Bettina says:

Dear Emily;

Me and my boyfriend are expecting a border collie puppy by the end of the summer. I have been watching your videos for quite a long time now, and I would like to express my gratitude for showing me that there is another way of training, as well as ask a few questions.
I noticed that some of the tricks has somewhat like a "recommended age". I would like to know exactly, when it is safe to start to train the following tricks:
Handstand+walk, bouncing off walls and/or people (me), jumping over arms, limb, sword fight, "dancing", or simply walking on her back legs, and sit pretty.
I am unsure about these tricks, as I figured they contain repetarive jump (Which you made a warn about before) or unnatural poses.

Dabo do says:

Thanks for posting another excellent video tutorial.. Absolutely love your videos & (whilst a bit presumptuous) always look forwarded to the next.
As is often said you are a great inspiration. Wonderful work.

Loby says:

This is so cute and amazing! ♡
I've actually just started these tricks with my boy. It's a wonderful bond.

Majoofi says:

Sheep herding terminology
Is that a foreshadowing of videos to come?

Majoofi says:

So Tug is a lefty

Majoofi says:

Tug is lefty

Kimberly C. says:

It's amazing to see you making videos again! I've been teaching the jump through legs video you posted, but after that I'll teach this one!

Amy And The Wild says:

Excellent, thank you!

Chihuahualover111 says:

Great tutorial! Thank you! I am so exited to give it a go with my dog! You've been such a huge inspiration for the past 3 years, so thank you so much <3
We've made a lot of progress and your tutorials have always helped us perfect it. Sometimes we will change it up just a little bit to suit the specific dog, but they have always helped 🙂
You can see some of the tricks I have taught my chihuahua/corgi on my channel if you are interested btw
Oh and also, how old is the chihuahua?

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