Ruth Gomes says:


Nyanna vlogs Nyanna vlogs says:

5:06 me when my friends pushes me of the swings

Fire Blast says:

4:20 Mufasa's death scene

AJGamer08 says:

Exactly 1 year old

Wuffer ! says:

Bye And god night

Wuffer ! says:

Last ones I thought were joint they looked same and just the late one it grew lol nvm

Wuffer ! says:

The pic is kinda clickbait looked like it was gonna fall outta a window

Play time says:

1:47 Me when I fake to get hurt to not go to school

megaman X y Zero says:

ji ji ji ji ji 😄😄😄👍👍👍👍 bueno exelente vídeo al menos me saco una sonrisa……?????😎

1992KCWolf says:

If those were kids they’d be dropping their cameras out of concern…tch, hypocrites. Poor dogs…

Mystic Reyes says:

People in the comment section are so SENSITIVE and BUTTHURT

SuperCo olGirl4932 says:

These are not funny these puppies or cats get hurt

Ronny Valsjø says:

0:30 sliding into those dms like

xoEmilia MSP says:

At least grab them not just let them fall ;-;

xoEmilia MSP says:

2:04 made me laugh so hard

Withered toy Bonnie says:

I love puppy’s

Sophia Beutel says:

I like the huskys part

Taylor TheGamer says:

90% this is so FUNNY 😹😹


10% Poor doggys

2% Random words

Michael J Delgado says:

I hate myself for laughing.
I clicked don't like button.

Avian Louie says:

Is that pat and Jen 😆😆😆☺😊😀

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