Dog loves automatic ball throwing machine

A dog patiently awaits for his automatic ball throwing machine to make its move.

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dstmars1 says:

This is awesome, but I'm very perplexed at how you can still have such a nice back yard lawn without holes dug up all over the place and dog doody everywhere and own a dog at the same time.

cherrina44 says:

well this is nice But when the dogs are alone, if You are with your dog You should play with it, need some activity pet bond and a way to stress out too

Ms K. Johnson says:

Just to cute

LLoyd Verberg says:

Where did you get it?!

Barbara Gordon says:

Great idea and a very active dog to. ย Oh good…he finally picked up that other ball. ย Loved watching it… ย ย 

DoctorPlausible says:


baseball9500 says:

If it's homemade make more and see it

Ryan Marsden says:

Why are we not funding this?!?!?!?!

Aaron Blue says:

Laziest owner ever.

oxtaos says:

how long can he keep doing this?

AussiePillow1 says:

Is that homemade?

Mark O'Leary says:

He probably thinks it's alive lol.

Typical Brain says:

Well i think the creater of tgis video loves dogs

Elaine White says:

Aww bless him he is having so much fun,but I think he really wants that ball to appear faster lol

65water says:

Where can i buy this machine? My labby would love the machine.

Madnessonman says:

So the person is such a lazy fuck that he/she won't throw the ball but will film it. SMH.
If you are going to get a dog, then you should spend time with it instead of this bullshit.

OMBIC says:

haha I want one lol my dog would love it

ThePhantoms says:

The magic dance ( 0:02 ) makes the ball magically appear!

Mohamed Ahmed says:

I could watch him for hours lol

dandandamattressman says:

i NEED one of those

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