Funny Dog Video – Cutest Smiling Dogs Ever!

Really funny dog video of smiling dogs.
Teach your dog to do this:
Compilation video of the cutest smiling dogs from around the internet. You have to watch!

A big thank you to the happy smiling dogs and their owners.

Watch, enjoy, smile and please comment! And please tick ‘LIKE” above too.


TheSmilingDog says:

None smile better then this dog here!

Taylor Anne says:

Yeah, some of them were not smiling haha. You can tell by the tails

catch22 ish says:

These dogs are NOT smiling. They are baring their teeth, its a snarl. When you see the nose crinkle too with it, I promise you that dog is not smiling at you. The tan dog on the short chain looked like he actually was smiling, but note his teeth were not bared & no crinkled nose. This is not to say that I don't believe some dogs do smile, but when they do, their teeth barely show, nose is smooth & they usually would be rolled on their backs exposing their belly.

Champ675 says:


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