Dogs Falling Down Stairs Compilation

These cute puppies falling down stairs is very funny, but don’t worry no dogs got really hurt!
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Cotton Candy says:

Check out our NEW Cats Falling Down Stairs Compilation! ✨

Logan Jones says:

0:20 In This Video All Of The Dogs Failed Down The Stairs

Lizzy Purple says:

1:00 My fav

Justin Mosimann says:

every single puppy i've had has done the exact same thing… they figure it out eventually. but its hard not to laugh, i keep thinking they may get hurt.. even thoe not one has so, and i've watched them sprint into walls full speed.. puppies bounce.

Rainbow Boster! :3 says:

oh how CUTE!!!!!!

Jodelyn Bonjoc says:

I fill bad for the husky

Jodelyn Bonjoc says:

I'm dying hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahayahahahahahahahahahaha XXXDDD

Weird Guy says:

You okey?
“YeAs MaMA

athenalovesdance says:

How come on the cats falling down the stairs video, no one says "Are you OK?" ; )

Lia Draws says:

this funny and sad! lol 😂

Marissa Rich says:

Poor dog and puppy

TheodorAth says:

I feel bad for the dogs…BUT HOW CAN I NOT LAUGH?!😂😂😂

Michael Sedam says:

Awesome and sad

dorothea hawkins says:

The last is a husky

[/ metaxi133 Msp /] says:

0:40 when my mom arent making my food and i am going down to see what happening.

Jiang Nanqing says:

THAT husky IS SO CUTE 😍😍

AllenTube Official says:


Jesse says:

0:21 the.cutiest.dogs.ever.

Samantha says:

1:001:09 rag doll xD

Samantha says:

1:001:09 when mom says “come back up i need to do ur hair for school”

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