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Áďa Dokulil says:


Merope Angel says:

There are a lot of exotic animals in this video which urges me to inform all viewers that this should not glorify owning exotic animals. The harsh reality is these animals are often illegally taken from their native countries, their mothers killed and much of them dying. Causing them to take even more babies and kill even more mothers to have just a full litter to sell. This of course negatively effects the wildlife as well as ruins the life of the animals that somehow survive this ordeal. Please don’t attempt to own exotic pets and let them stay in their natural home. This is a major problem in places like the Amazon, however those purchasing the animals come from Europe and America.

Vance L. Gilmore says:

I love animals. They are delicious and interesting creatures.

Violetthecheetah 700 says:

This is sooo funny I loved the dog ones!

Monster Mousse says:

@ 1:20. LOL

Lori W says:

Ugh! Monkeys……not cute……at all. They’re scary little fuckers. Yech!

Twomidgetsonahorse says:

What I got from this video
1. Cats are dicks
2. Humans think it's cool to put costumes on their animals
3. Baby goats are cute to a point then not so much
4. Cats are dicks
5. Ostriches while interesting will kill you if given the chance.
6. Never let an Orangatan lead you anywhere,
7. Cats are dicks

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