Cute Babies Playing With Cane Corso Dog – So Happy || Dog Loves Baby Compilation

Cute Babies Playing With Cane Corso Dog – So Happy || Dog Loves Baby Compilation
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Lily Campo says:

Corsos' are Gods amongst dogs!!

One Darling says:

Baby so kute

Dave Hamilton says:

Corsos are awesome I have a 10 week old male he is mighty fine great breed of dog 🐕

honey badger says:

Scared the baby was going to put the dogs eye out early in the video
Dont get a dog hurt for the sake of showing something cute

Trystan Simano says:

Awesome dog's I've got 6

Ethan henrye Ollero jason says:

Ommmmmg cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

klopman winkel says:

a friend of my have a cane corso if you are family or freinds it is a big loving dog if he knows you the are super cute and gentle dogs only watch out with strangers the dog is breed for protection of the owner so watch out with strangers the whil guard family and friends

bum jenly says:

Nom nom…. aww…. so taste food.

Richard Brown says:

I hope to always hear the laughter of the children!

Ethan Thomas says:

I bought my girlfriend a cane corso because she wanted one they are really great dogs just extremely energetic as puppies.

Kristina Pine says:

Dogs and babies are the sweetest!

Robin Labert says:

I love play with dog!! That's my best friend!

One Darling says:

Cane Corso Dog is a big black dog. so cute!

MJ C says:

So these parents let their children torture their dogs. Morons.

Susan Gamble says:

some people are so stupid to let their kids abuse dogs!!!

Bela Lara says:

Cane Corso Dog is a big sweet black guy. eww… adorable

Jessica Banks says:

Cane Corso Dog look special. I love black guy at 1:20

Anthony Joel says:

Ohh good dog! Babies can easily play with the dog!

Anne Lawrence says:

Cane corso wayy smarter than pitbull!!

Kathleen Thorpe says:

Jeez, I feel sorry for some of these dogs … not all cute, but some are.

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