Cat attacks boy


Maddy Spiller says:

I hate to say it but the kid kinda deserved it

chase1146 says:

kid was taught a painful lesson. instead of the parent stopping it after obvious warning signs the cat defended itself. probably never meant to kill the kid, just hurt.

either way the cat is in the right here, the kid and parent are in the wrong

Captaincarrot 25 says:

Beerus: "destroy"

AToTheA says:

That father didn't give a fuck

yasmin the kitty lover says:

If I was the parent's of that kid I would let him die and what the kid did to the cat was animal abuse

Karolina Piwoni says:

I would do that if I was the cat if the boy hit me I would just defend myself (why are so many people giving thumbs up I mean might know why)

Brandy Yolidio says:

I broke my cat out of that rough play. He is a good boy but always played rough. When he gets to biting and scratching deep, I simply put him in his cage for a while. He hates it and he controls himself, in turn we do not play rough with him either and have no problems anymore.


I think the reason they didn't stop him was because they let him do it to show him the cat is gonna fight back because he hurt the poor kitty, yes i know it's wrong but some parents do that

CogniVision says:

Cat taught a lesson and the boy learned it. All is well.

Jiether Jabilona says:

Cats are almost always vicious especially if they're intact (not fixed)


vampire cat.

tiger family says:

the boy was abusing the cat was like fuck it he scratches the boy

Evil Skull says:

The bot meowing

awesome gaming lap says:

Stupid cat he was just playing

DAMNGIRL13 says:

GO KITTY!!!!!!!

MetalDragon 777 says:

That kid deserved it, stupid kid

ivan andrade says:

That's what that little shit gets

brian5682 says:

the boy was lucky, he could have lost his life from the bite.

Temberlane / Gaming , Vlogs and more says:

It was the kids fault , put yourself in the cats position. Seeing a giant try to strangle you and hits you. WHAT WOULD YOU DO? That kid should go to jail for animal cruelty and why did you punish the cat and not the child? Oh it's because strangleing animals is not bad? And a cat defending itself is?

magnety says:


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