Funny Doberman Videos 2017 – Funny Dogs Compilation

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The Silent Warrior says:

I hope to get one soon.

SquishE G says:

First one is me when my mom calls me for dinner

Darrien Weiss says:

Man, that was beuatiful!Gotta love that video!

Waiting for more!

Christopher Zawistowski says:

laser pointers? fuggoff!!!!!

neonia hazelwood says:

I love Dobermans.

neonia hazelwood says:

Strange owners.

Edyta Steinbrunner says:

My favorite dog but I am allergic to dogs

MrTachyon3000 says:

I love Dobermans but some of them got their ears and tails butchered up the poor things. I also like Xoloitzcuintle and some of them have naturally large raised ears.

CrazyBirdyBird says:

I love floppy ears, so much cutter.

Melanie Martinez Crybaby says:

I want a dobermann they are awsome

Uganda Knuckles says:

The jumpsuit one lol

GluttonousDragon says:

1:22 wtf its a doberman not a fucking retriever lol

TADufine says:

It's not right to dress a Doberman Pinscher in a clown suit Nuff said !

Josh D says:

couldn't imagine life without my two dobies. they're a trip sometimes.

HaileyD says:

I also have a Doberman there solo cute

Narf says:

The first one is me as heck. I do that all the time to my girl but she's sleepy rn 🙁

Wadie56 says:

I've raised 5 Dobermans and I hate to see the ones who had there ears cropped and their masters were to lazy to keep posting their ears until they stood up right………..

Rocadog says:

omg i miss my doberman, it is awesome breed

gacha World girl gamer says:

I have a Doberman

Victoria Ledezma says:

so cute #earlysquad

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