Dog Egg Challenge Fails

You’ve all seen the newest trend of the dog Egg Challenge circling around the internet where it is said that a dog’s mouth is so gentle that it will hold an egg without it breaking. Here are some of those Egg Challenge fails!

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Cooper the Happy Corgi says:

I’m on a raw food diet and I eat a raw egg once a week. Contrary to what some people may think, raw eggs are very healthy for dogs! Also, those concerned about dogs getting salmonella by eating raw eggs or chicken or anything terrible from eating raw meat— look into the ph balance in dogs’ stomachs for a start. Dogs and cats are carnivores— they’re anatomically supposed to eat meat— NOT PROCESSED KIBBLE!! The pet food industry had us all brainwashed for half a century. Humans need to wake up and get educated IMHO. Watch some of my raw food videos and see just how much I enjoy eating my food. ❤️

Cooper the Happy Corgi says:

What was the point with the spoons? That’s a bit too much 😭

Oelefant says:

If you want to see the best and funniest animal fails and vines, check out Animalol. Its really great!

EmilyAndLizzyTv says:

1:35 he ate everything but the eggs yolk itself lmao

landfair123 says:

Egg Sucking Hound – Johnny Cash – 2/14/1981 – The Muppet

Max Allen says:

Dammit Dutch

john says:

the amount of people complaining about the second dog is just hilarious

Rick Riddle says:

That was terrible. You could tell the second dog was scared to death that if he dropped them he would be in trouble. This video should have been called dog abuse.

HyruleWarrior says:

I like the third one

John G says:

What a beta in the last video, did he get grossed out from an egg, oh and thumbs down for all the selfish dickehead owners

L Galicki Band says:

Hi people! I rearrange songs and make them new lyrics based in my furry friends! 🐶🐶 If you like animals and music, perhaps you'll like my work, which is available in my channel. Cheers! 👍

Turk of moonland says:

Soooo funny thank pet collective..go on…I think most important thing to dogs is that their owners be happy

Kar-Leigh Kelso says:

well that was the most irritating video in existence

Luigi Bianco says:

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Diversity means chasing down every last White person.
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ChibiGrimReaper15 says:

Raw eggs aren't really harmful to dogs as long as they don't eat a huge quantity of them.

Averi Watkins says:

Poor dogs!!

sav l says:

Dogs are basically scavengers. They are well-adapted to eating eggs, shell and all. Bird nests provided them egg-cellent nutrition back in the day. Dogs can eat raw meat and be a-okay. Eggs shells offer protein and calcium…

VJ CatGirl says:

We get it. Your dog can hold four eggs at once. That video was way too long!

sherocks54 says:


SuperCrazybumblebee says:

Why was he made to sit there for so long while a video was made. Selfish owner.

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